We Make Luxury Stay Possible

Offering High-End Real Estate for Rent

We Make Luxury Stay Possible

Offering High-End Real Estate for Rent

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Make Yourself at Home at a Luxurious Property

Finding the right property as your home or temporary residence can be tiring. If you’re a professional assigned to a new location or a person who wants a home that will fit their specific lifestyle, then we have the right property for you.

Mount Royal Property Inc is an established rental company. We’ve been buying and renting out properties since 2018. We make luxury living possible through some of our finest units and properties in Houston, Texas and Montreal, Quebec.

You Can Choose a Property That Fits Your Needs

Here at Mount Royal Property Inc, we have rental properties that can give you the comfort and luxury you deserve. Our high-end properties provide the best experience for upscale clients like professionals, athletes, and many more.

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Furnished Properties

For people who don’t want the trouble of buying furniture for their new place. Our furnished condos are a great choice. You only need to bring your personal belongings. You can leave all the old items behind and enjoy the ones at your new home.

Unfurnished Properties

Do you want absolute control over the look and feel of your new place? If that is a yes, we have unfurnished properties available for you. It gives people a sense of a new beginning, and they can freely design their new place.

Visit our listings page to see our available properties that will fit your specific comfort, lifestyle, and need.